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Student Resources

Math Websites

iPad Maths

Mr. Anker's Tests

Mr. Nussbaum's Educational Games

Cool Math online math games - grades PreK-3

A Plus Math - games, flashcards, and more

Math is Fun - math games and activities.

Math is Fun Addition Trainer -Timed addition drill practice

Math is Fun Subtraction Trainer-Timed subtraction drill practice

Math is Fun Multiplication Trainer -Timed multiplication drill practice.

Arcademic Skill Builders - Math and Language Arts games

Learning Today - Free Math Games

Math Magician

Math Playground - games, fraction bars, etc. - Lots of multiplication games and practice


AAA Math - Math activities

Basket Math - Math activities in English & Spanish

Cool Math 4 Kids - Math games & parent resources

Funbrain Math - Math games - math games - math website

Vector Math - math games like math invaders, timed flashcards

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - manipulatives for every grade level

Let's Count - Counting activities in English & Spanish

BBC Schools Numeracy - Math for Primary students

ICT Math Games

TeachRKidsMath - Math activities

Math Forum - Drexel University

Reading & Language Arts Websites

Mr. Anker's Tests

Los Angeles Public Library Kids Path / TumbleBooks - Click on "TumbleBook Library" at the L.A. Libraray Kids' Path website to read books online

Highlights Kids - Highlights Magazine online

National Geographic Kids - NatGeo Kids Magazine online

Time for Kids - Time for Kids Magazine online

International Children's Digital Library

Learning Today - Free Reading Games - Storybooks for kids online

Big - Read books online for free

Reading Planet - RIF (Reading is Fundamental) Kid's web site - Primary level reading activities

Funbrain Reading - Mad Libs and more - online reading, songs, games

EduPup Word Games

ICT Reading Games

Dance Mat Typing

Book Adventure - free reading program (book quizzes) - Games for all subjects and grades

Children's Authors & Illustrators on the Web - a resource for researching favorite authors

Scholastic Book's & Authors - another source for researching authors

Aesop's Fables

Lil' Fingers - Storybooks for Toddlers



Social Studies

Scott Foresman Social Science 

Pearson California Social Science - no password required

Ben's Guide - Let Ben Franklin teach you about government - Find links to the government, social studies, history, careers

U.S. Constitution at the National Archives

The White House - The President's web page

El Pueblo de Los Angeles - Bio Channel Website

Bio4Kids - Kid Friendly Bio Channel Website

Meet Amazing Americans

Black History Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Our Presidents

George Washington

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids

MONEY - job research from the bureau of labor and statistics - Find links to careers

Hands on Banking - Banking Lessons by Wells Fargo

Fun Facts About Money - Children's Museum of Indianapolis

U.S. Treasury for Kids

PBS Online News Hour: Money website

PBS: Electric Money

PBS Kids: It's My Life: Money website

PBS: NOVA: Secrets of Making Money

Fedville - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco kid's site

Young Investor: Kids

Federal Reserve

Hot Shot Business - Build a Business game on the Disney Channel



Science Websites

FOSS Science CA

National Geographic for Kids - Online science magazine

Ology - New York's American Museum of Natural History science web page

Hightlights Magazine Science In Action for Kids

Kids - Geology for Kids

Earth Sciences - website links

Energy Kids - U.S. Energy Information Administration website

Exploring the Science of Light - Optics for Kids by the Optical Society of America

Roofus Solar Home - explore a home powered by solar energy


Kids Astronomy

NASA Space Place - NASA's web site for kids

The 88 Constellations - constellations and zodiac signs - Free monthly Constellation maps

Google Sky - see the stars


San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes - info about animals

National Geographic Animals - animals from National Geographic

Seattle Woodland Zoo- Animal facts

Animal Diversity Web- University of Michigan Museum website

Smitsonian National Zoological Park

Animal Planet

Kid's Planet - info about animals

eNature - National Wildlife Federation Field Guide

Ranger Rick Magazine

Life in the City - NY Museum of Natural History

Human Society of the United States - animal profiles

Pasadena Humane Society Animal Control

Los Angeles River Tour - Click on links for plants, animals, birds

PBS: Backyard Jungle

Audubon State Bird List

Birds in the City - Cornell University

Peregrine Falcoln Fact Sheet

Peregrine Falcoln Fund

Animal Planet - Spy on the Wild - Bird

California Wildflowers

California Native Plant Society

Ducks - Mr. Anker's Tests

Reference Websites

Merriam-Webster Online - Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopaedia Britannica

Merriam-Webster Word Central - Merriam-Webster for Kids

Spanish Picture Dictionary - English/Spanish titled picture dictionary

World Book Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Fact Hound - Kids Interent Search

ipl2 for kids - Information Search

Fact Monster

Yahooligans - Yahoo for Kids Information Search

BBC Learning Schools

Suzy's World Fact Sheets - Science facts from Suzy Cato's New Zealand TV show

National Geographic for Kids - Online science magazine

Time for Kids Online

Ology - New York's American Museum of Natural History science web page


Computer Skills