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Ms. D. Hurtado - TK/K

Mr. J. Tran

Mr. F. Forero


First Grade

Ms. J. Lee

Mr. Olivos

Ms. J. Paik

Second Grade

Ms. G. Hanson

Ms. O. Salazar

Third Grade

Ms. A. Han

Mr. H. Luizaga

Ms. M. Montes


Fourth Grade

Ms. A. Lopez-Inness

Ms. J. Velez


Fifth Grade

Mr. S. Edwards

Ms. T. Peters

Special Education

Ms. M. Lamberte - Pal (Preschool for all learners)

Ms. J. Lopez - Pal (Preschool for all learners)

Ms. A. Shapiro -TK/K-1 Mild to Moderate / Core

Ms.  Hill - 2-3 Mild to Moderate / Core

Ms. C. Farber - 4-5 Mild to Moderate / Core

Ms. Mahony - RSP (Resource Specialist)

Instructional support staff

Ms. S. Fang - Title I Coordinator

Ms. D. Chagar - Title III Coordinator


Mr. D. Howells - Orchestra Teacher 

Adapted Physical Education - 



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